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  2. An exception is that this technology can be used by parents and employers to censor children’s and employees’ reading material.

  3. The encryption schemes are based on the difficulty of factoring large numbers. Only if an exponentially-better algorithm is found would it become feasible to forge signatures.

  4. Some employees are required to put disclaimers on messages that they are not speaking for their employer.

  5. Eighteen percent of 1222 studied messages sent to NewtWatch, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, and The Right Side of the Web were judged to be at least somewhat flame-like by human raters [Spertus 96].

  6. My favorite of the epithets applied to me are "Anti-Babe," "a VERY dangerous woman," and "more astonishing than the girl with two heads."

  7. Hiding one’s gender to avoid attention can backfire. One gender-neutral home page of a woman was linked to from her fiancé’s page as the person he was going to marry. He subsequently received e-mail expressing admiration of him for publicly admitting that he was going to marry a man and concern that people might flame him for this. Susan Clerc has chronicled a different double standard, in the differing reactions to men and women who post lustful messages about celebrities [Clerc].